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A perfect place. A city without traffic. A dog that doesn't poop. All products of the brilliant mind of Dr. X, but hell hath no fury like a mad scientist fired by a giant corporation. In this unique action-puzzler you take control of TOM, a virus created for one purpose: revenge. Read More
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"Wow. All I can say is wow. This game is amazing. I am not usually a big puzzle fan when it comes to gaming, but A Virus Named TOM blew me away."
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"its clever take on puzzle gameplay is likely something you’ve never encountered; a bizarre, yet compelling hybrid"

“The most addictive co-op game we’ve played since Portal 2.” 
"I bought it instantly - I'm completely in love with it"
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It's starting to snow in the City of Tomorrow!
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Infection Dominations
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play with puppets. It's therapeutic after dealing with being an independent game developer all day.