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Interview: OnLive Informer: 
"It was one of those things where dicking over your friend while he’s trying to solve a puzzle is kind of funny. It’s a lot like how you’ll play a first-person shooter game cooperatively and the first thing you do is just shoot at each other (laughs)."
​- Interview by James Deputy, Quotes from Tim Keenan, November 2011

Interview: True Achievements 
"The story about how we got started is a long one with less explosions and car chases than I'd like. So let's just say I was working at DreamWorks Animation and a friend told me about XNA..."
" I don’t know if my wife would’ve tried to get a threesome going in Fable 2 had it not been an achievement."
- Interview by PunkyLiar, Quotes from Tim Keenan, October 2011

Preview: The Game Effect (Hands on Alpha Demo)
"Even in this Alpha phase, A Virus Named Tom boasts tight, responsive, and downright difficult gameplay."
" The splash screens positively radiate character, and display a very "retro-tech" style that compliments the dystopian humor found in the story's premise."
"...the ability to call in reinforcements in the form of other players can help to dampen the difficulty; in fact, it seems that the game's difficulty is balanced for at least two Toms."
- Dylan Coffey, September 2011

"...both the co-op and versus elements look like a ton of fun."  -Michael Rose, August 2011

Preview: Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"The developers, Misfits Attic, have a strong background in animation and design and it’s evident."
"The co-op in particular isn’t something you often see in games of this type and the possibility of sabotaging friends’ efforts seems very real. That potential alone gives me hope." - Adam Smith, August 2011

Trailer Reception: Game Trailers
Rated a 9.1 out of 10
User Comments:
"tried and tested gameplay concept combined with a humorous setting and fun presentation: Could be great."
"Indie developers have been making great games this last few years. Limbo and Braid come to mind as examples. And this one looks good too. "
"Impressive! it's such creative(fun) games like these that make us move forward. :) "
- August 2011

Interview / Sneek Peek: Goozer Nation
"A Virus Named TOM has a quirky and dark sense of style..." - Jeremiah Hisel, August 2011 

"I've learned that making a baby is easier than making a game, but isn't necessarily a good idea in the middle of production. Especially when the mother is the Art Director, and the father is me."
- Quote from Tim Keenan in the Interview 

Preview: PSN Stores
​"... I was whisked away to a web site for a game I hadn’t heard about, and immediately fell in love with what I saw. A Virus Named Tom looks like a very inventive mix of pipe dream and chu chu rocket, but with a delightfully destructive twist." - Ben Jones, August 2011

Preview: XBLA fans
"While the game may be a ways off, plenty is known about it and there’s even a gameplay trailer brimming with personality (and viruses)." - Todd Schlickbernd, August 2011

Preview: Harry Balls
" Misfits Attic released this trailer for their action puzzler game called A Virus Named Tom..." - Harry Balls, July 2011

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