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Reindeer Games: Hint #1
Ruldolf the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose
And if TOM really wants one, then he'll have to learn to glow
Below are hints to find all of TOM's Holiday spirit in the "Winter Wonderland" DLC. Each achievement will unlock a new TOM decoration and have three hints, each more obvious than the last. We'll give one hint a day. Try to figure it out with just the first hints if you can. 

First one to send an image of TOM all decked out to  contest@misfitsattic.com gets a special holiday gift! (you'll also need to send your steam name so we can verify). And let us know how you're doing on Facebook and Twitter

[ UPDATE: congrats to "grancheater" for being the first to fully decorate TOM!! ]

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Clues to help you get TOM in the holiday spirit!
Happy Little Helpers: Hint #1
Elves are important, Santa's little helping hands,
They must work together, not bark out commands
Jolly Red Virus: Hint #1
Santa visits every home, all in one night
TOM thinks this impossible, mathematically he's right
Happy Little Helpers: Hint #2
Sometimes it's hard to help, with Mega-Tech putting up walls,
but some say a wall is no problem at all
Jolly Red Virus: Hint #2
TOM wants the Drones to think they've succeeded
But really they've helped TOM get where he needed​
Reindeer Games: Hint #3
Find where TOM got to be 2.0
Spot only the red energy, then make him glow
Happy Little Helpers: Hint #3
Go to a place a dog uses to "speak"
Then both earn an achievement that starts with a "Peek"
Jolly Red Virus: Hint #3
TOM appears in his home at the start, 
he can visit the others by not being so smart
Reindeer Games: Hint #2
Red is Rudolf's favorite color
Given a choice, he'd choose no other